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The Audacity of this Chick

Yesterday was a long, stressful day.

Sometimes, Hassan and I will "double-up" and do two events on the same day. I cover one, and he covers the second. Only issue is, there is only one minivan. We had Oddmall in Akron and Art for the Masses in Cleveland Heights on 02/25/2023. Thankfully, I was able to set up in Cleveland Heights the night before.

Load-in for Oddmall was traaaaashhh! It took me about a half hour to find my booth. Then, Hassan was late (mind you - we live in the same house, and I even stopped at the grocery store) and it was madness and bedlam everywhere.

We found Andy, we found my spot, and got set up. Then, I trekked back north LATE to Cleveland Heights. I had a wonderful show. I realized that I was talking WAY too much, which in hindsight is a major embarrassment. but it was good.

Make my way back to Akron to finish up the show with Hassan.

We finished up the show and I came home to immediately shower - to wash the day away. Little did I know, the day was not done with me yet

After my shower and much needed additional grooming, I sat to read my emails and catch up on my administrative day. When I saw the most bullshitty email I have received from anyone in a long time. Please...see below. Also... my name is NOT Kiki and I do not have a boyfriend that drives for Lyft.

and then she follows up with more bullshit...

Listen, if you want to be a racist - then own your ignorance! I did not act any way to her - before then.

So, I replied:

I work my ass off to maintain this business. I wont even get into my home life - because any working woman knows what that like. Listen, if you want to hate black people, fine. Maybe people - all people treat you like shit because you treat them like shit. And perhaps the African-Americans you have encountered went off on your crazy ass and you want to play victim.

I'm just saying - she sounds like a racist that tried to be "woke" but it ain't for her.

Girl, stay out of my email inbox with this bullshit.

Please and thank you.

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