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What the heck is a 'Turquoise Kitten'?

Wanna know a secret? Yeah... I JUST updated this page, the "About Us" page 7/2/2023 @ 11:03 AM. The name of my company has NOTHING to do with the color turquoise, the semi-precious stone turquoise (at least I think turquoise is semi-precious - whatever). And cats?! I love those furry buggers so much that I decided delaring my love for felines was the way to go. Hence, My Turquoise Kitten!

I handmade all of my pieces, mostly from polymer clay, a wild imagination and love... so much love you'll drown in it. 

So, take a long look around, follow me on Instagram and share with your friends, your family...hell, even the people you work with. 

Thank you for coming by, your support and being so freaking awesome. 

My Story

Adorn Yourself in Stylish Jewelry from My Turquoise Kitten! (<- Text AI chose that.. neat!)

Apparently this is my About page. So I can share a little history about how this thing happened. 

I have a little bit of an envious heart. Not like raging jealously envy... but more like a anything-you-can-do-I-can-do-better mindset. There was this lady in the workout class Hassan and I used to attend and there was a lady who made bracelets. And people loved them. Now, I do not wear a lot of jewelry - which is weird. 

So, I tried it. Bought tons and tons of beads, elastic cord...the whole damn shabanaga-bang. 

...sold very little. And it was mostly the things I marked down to $3. This was not going to work. After sitting at the Cuyahoga County Fair in 2018, for 5 days only to make a little over $300. And thats how much the vendor fee was that year, $300!!! Breaking even was not going to work. 

Later that year during the Cleveland Oktoberfest, I tried my hand at earrings...and to my surprise, people were buying the earrings I made from the countless charm bracelets that did not sell. The mass produced charms were not what I was going for. I wanted something a lot more fun. Something I made completely by hand. 


I found out how to make little things, the basic little things with a vast community of YouTube clay artists. 

Fast forward 6 years later and my earrings bring smiles and amusement. That's my favorite part! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Phone: 216-815-1658

Studio Address:

ARTFUL Cleveland

2843 Washington Blvd

2nd Floor, Studio 18

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

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