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Liar, Liar... gets a refund.

I have been selling on Amazon Handmade for about 5 years... maybe a a little longer. And every single year...around the holiday shopping season I get some a**hole that makes me HATE Amazons Seller Policies.

Basically, they can lie and get their money back AND I get a negative mark as a seller.

I wouldn't give a shit if my items were not handmade. Like if I sourced everything from China,... no biggie. but in particular, this was a pair of the toy xylophone earrings. One pair takes about an hour to complete.

Here is the tea... because I'm fuming... its that time of year!

so JoAtk buys the xylophone earrings. After A WHOLE MONTH decides they no longer need them. They were a gift for their kid who quit band, wants nothing to do with xylophone...oh and does not wear dangle earrings.

sounds like someone doesnt know their child - anyway.

they ask for a refund. I advise JoAtk of the refund policy. The go to Amazon... who I am starting to dislike every year, but these sales help pay the rent. They APPROVE A RETURNLESS REFUND after JoAtk lied and said the item was not as described.

what the entire eff. Mind you... Giant A has access to all email and chat logs... how could they approve it under that lie? because they dont care.

that's why.

I am out of money and product which is like a double F**k with no lube.

Please support your small businesses directly.

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