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Something, Something, Something Figgy Pudding...

While I do not personally celebrate Christmas, I will glady and foolishly participate in singing all the holiday classics incorrectly, incoherently - on purpose and off key. Why Not? Something, something, something Figgy Pudding. I mean, I could do "Ding, fries are done, Ding fries are, DING! Fries are done. I work at Burger King, making flame grilled Whoppers, I wear paper hats. Would you like an apple pie with that? I repeat... "Would you like an apple pie with that?"


Today, I painted My Turquoise Kitten on the studio's accent wall. It looks so good, and I am overwhelmingly happy. I'm a little tired and on mental overload - but ready to make this thing.

I thought that I would be able to get work done in-between painting, but I am not. My husband came to help, doing the background paint all with his back injury. I am really appreciative for his help, but looks like this will still be another solo mission. It wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't the beginning of my busy season.

She shall persevere!

I never got a change to make my neon goodies. I am still very excited to get that done, but it just is really hard. I will take a few minutes to make something on my idea board, so I'm not feeling completely out of it. Im just ready for the studio to be done! This is why people hire employees.... this is exactly tf why!

Pics of the studios progress will be share via tomorrow's blog post.

Hope to see you Friday or Saturday for the pre-grand opening.

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