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Smiles, Sun and Springtime Inspiration.

I can't believe that Cleveland, OH is having an actual SPRING. The weather has been amazing, so much so that I have been able to get out into the yard and plan what we are dubbing "garden 2.0". This the second year in our new home and even more of a treat, our third year of marriage!

As some of you know, I love getting outside and getting my hands in the dirt. Crafting a wonderful place for my family and friends to be chill and get some of this happiness.

2020 was a strange year, and it some of her drama has spilled into the new year. That's okay, totally fine. We just learn to adapt and make it work. However, I have been afforded the chance to appreciate so many things I've been blessed with. And there are a lot of things.

My mainstay in art are wearable miniatures, but I'm planning a lovley garden inspired collection I'm sure you'll love. Daffodils, sweet pea, roses...even daisies.

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There is a contest brewing!

Keep smiling, they're infectious!

Kili 😚

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