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Ready, Set, SHOP!

Im going to be totally honest with you and say that sentiment is kinda corny asf but as I walked into the Summit County Fairgrounds building that is hosting the 47th Annual Holiday Mart, I realized that this is NO JOKE. The lot was full... like really full. And there are so many people here.

So much so that I have a rule about being indoors and the quantity of people and me wearing a mask. I have no problem wearing a mask, really. I hear too many stories of the fully vaccinated people catching COVID-19. I do not want COVID, I do not want to spread COVID and I damn sure do not want to take this s*** home to my family. So... I wear a mask, use hand sanitizer and keep it available at my checkout stand.

Anyway... my PSA rant is over for now.

The good people of the world are starting their holiday shopping and let me tell you - I have the sweetest gifts your loved ones could get. No joke! Have someone who loves plants, check out the House Plant Earrings. How about a hot wing aficionado? I got them too with the Plate of Hot Wings

Links for reference because I am indeed awesome and stuff.

But I have to tell you that the gift of My Turquoise Kitten can be a personalized and unique gifting experience.

I have a few of my absolute favorites, today I am wearing my spaghetti and meatball earrings.

Anywho - before this thing turns into an advertising campaign... I just wanted to share that I am here at the Summit County Fairgrounds selling some of the cutest earrings you'll find here. That's a statement and not an assumption.

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