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Opening The Studio.

Hey guys. There are a few reasons why I decided to get a studio space. I mean, I would love to tell you the play by play, but I will keep this short-ish and very sweet.

I've wanted to open a retail location for a few months now. I worked for a small business owner in her yarn shop for about 2 years and learned a lot from Liz. What I did come to find out was having a retail location is super expensive. Not only is there rent, but you have to go through the city's Business or Commerce Department, pull permits, have inspections and even get approval on the signage for your shop. In additional, commercial utilities are really expensive.

I mention that because the gas rates for my home were .06 MCF and now they're .55. Somebody is making tons of money off of essential services. Heck, I might have to get a job to pay bills!

Anywho - after doing some math and making sure I carried the 1 and the decimal point was in the right place, having a retail shop was not the best move at this time. Not as a first timer. I also just need to get out the house from time to time and I outgrew the little space that is in our basement. The drawback of being in a art studio people cannot come and go within the building. I guess that's okay - but it puts potential customers in the position to call or email before they come or once they've arrived. I'm still working on that part. Constantly perfecting the process.

To make sure I am fully open tomorrow for Small Business Saturday, I was at the studio until 3 am getting as much done as possible within the studio's retail space. And, I did it - mostly. The balancing act is keeping order current and getting this place ready to go.

My coffee is done and its time to hit the road.

See you at the studio.

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