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Moving Day - For Real This Time

It has been a very busy time. While writing this, I literally had to pause for a minute because I can't say day, week or even month. This... 2021, has been a very busy and eventful year. I promise I am not complaining. I remember a time in my life when all I did was watch TV with the much younger children and made questionable choices with men.

So many bad, awful choices with sketchy dudes.

Anyway, this year has been great. Sure, a few bleak spots but its been good-good.

I have grown so much that I outgrew my home office. At one point I was psyched that leaving the house to work was optional, I mean, it still is but now I have a greater opportunity because in 630 square feet, I have a larger work space AND a space for retail sales.

Of course, being Kili, I feel like sometimes I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Honestly! I am a little bit of a control freak with limited resources. Meaning, we cant drop $300 on paint and decide... oh, this is the wrong color. As a matter of fact, I am not even 100% sure anymore that I want to paint anymore. My head is always filled with ideas and stuff for earrings, and now how I want my space to be.

Since the studio is an open space and open air (meaning the walls do not touch the ceiling, I do not want to close off the space and make everything super small. At first, I was thinking like a fence. Along the lines of a chain link fence but not so industrial. There is absolutely no way to make chain link look sweet and boutique-ish. Maybe I could make it work in a garden like sense. Keeping with that idea, I went with white vinyl lattice.


As you can see, I am still keeping with the garden theme kind of. I found some 20x20 carpet squares at a local home good discount store. When Hassan and I went before, he found these 24x24 bright blue striped carpet squares. They were 'okay'. In my attempt to set up the studio yesterday, I went back to the store. I found this incredible 1970's looking pea green carpet squares. Of course, they only had 20. Of course they only had 20 and I did my math WRONG and I was incredibly short needing an additional 90 squares. Ninety friggin squares. I went back - now for the third time and found the cream, grey .... no more green. Rather than tell you about the hell I went through, I will just show you when I go back tonight.

There is a lot to do. So much and I really need to learn how to let people help me when they offer and to ask for help when I need it. I mean, at some point, I will have to hire an employee and they will have to be trained..

So, needless to say, I will be spending a lot of time here, especially with the holidays coming up and what not. But I am so excited that I made it here. Happy that I had the opportunity and blessed for all these things.

Happy Saturday ya'll.

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