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Moving Away... from Amazon.

This year, the whole freaking year has been insane. I mean, I know that I categorize several things as "insane" but you all watch the news too, I am sure.

As a regular person, as a parent of 5 children at home, as a wife, as someone's employee and most importantly, as a business, wait - please excuse me, as a SMALL business owner; this year has had challenges.

Challenges does not even begin to explain it, okay.

It has been so mind bendingly (not really a word) terrible at times, I broke down and yelled at my family because of the stress.

I will continue to sell on Amazon Handmade, but I am moving most of my inventory AWAY from them. Imagine leaving home and being much more independent as a youth. That is the 2021 plan with My Turquoise Kitten.

The shipping issue has become a nightmare for almost every retailer. It did not matter if we used USPS, UPS or FedEx, they were ALL impacted as more and more people shopped from home. Maybe the following comment is too much to share - but I am going to:

People are mean and downright RUDE and being an 'agent' of a company that is okay with that is not okay with me.

Maybe, maybe this will work for me and my team. Maybe it will not. However, like any and all co-dependent relationships, the change has to start with me. And how appropriate I am doing this at the start of 2021.

I can only pray that new customers feel comfortable buying from me and assure they will still receive some of the great items (with bonus deals) than the old primary.

Thank you all, for being here with and for Team MyTK.

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