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It's Time For Fun... FINALLY!

Hey Friends!

I have been stocking up fan favorites in preparation for a fun and super busy summer fair and festival season. As a matter of fact. My first outing is scheduled for the end of this month. I will be getting "saucy" at the National Rib Cook-Off at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds this memorial day weekend.

Be sure to check the shop often as a lot of new products will be added soon. Like, a LOT of new stuff.

New clay earrings, new miniature foods and even some fun additions with the metal charmies.

A few of the new additions will be a beautiful lemon slab, only 3 pair made. New food studs and some music inspired themes.

Please, do not forget to check out the Clearance Bundles, really... come grab some cute stuff on the cheap.

Until next time, stay sweet, safe and kind.

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