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Give, Get and Share AMAZING!

I have just one more show before my 'vending' season is done for 2019. Let me be the first to share that I have gone HARD this year. After all, I am building a brand and greatness doesn't come from wishing on stars!

I have met some amazing men and women. I have created some fun, cute, quirky and sometimes challenging things. Once of the questions I am often asked is, "How long does it take you to make these." I mean... you should see the chaos that is my workspace. I am not lying when I say it is chaotic. I go in there... the children come in there too and it just gets messy. Its a super small space, maybe 17x17. I will be the first to admit that I am not organized at all. And I only clean clean when the clutter begins to mess with my anxiety.

Its messing with my anxiety now!

Even with the mess that is known as my inherent anxiety disorder, the ideas my brain has been churning out is nothing short of amazing. So - make sure you follow me on Instagram to join in the fun.

Also-also, All holiday orders placed on my site by 12/18/2019 will ship by 12/20/2019 to arrive in time for Christmas! 10 good shopping days left! Also-also-also, remember, I do custom designs too. Have an idea? send me a message! Let's make those charm or earring dreams come true.

I am so grateful for everyone that has supported, encouraged and loved the little fruits of my imagination through the years. 2020 marks my full 3rd year in business. What started out as a little something to do in 2017 is now the thing that keeps me grounded and feeds my creative spirit. And lets me honest with my MASSIVE inventory of new stuff being made weekly, my creative spirit is now obese - but so is my heart as it is overfilled with so much love!

Look... its watermelons!

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