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Best Of Cleveland Party!

Oh man... what a day. Its so strange, even still - to be recognized for something other than being the chick who had 6 kids. Or you know...that girl that loves Fall Out Boy. Granted, those are important-ish things maybe. However being known for the place to find all the cool, fun earrings is much more than an achievement.

When people come to visit, I always get this warm feeling and a big ole smile smeared across my cheeks watching how my visitors faces light up. Light up with awe and wonder, and I love it.

Of course I'm gonna bitch about how I was all the way upstairs on the 4th floor, and thank God I brought my lights and extension cords because there was no light. Swayze told them before that nobody puts Baby in the corner...and they totally did put Baby in the corner. But honestly, I was fine with it because I'm weird and like my division anyway.

Additionally, there were NO DAMN CHAIRS. Hassan came with me to be the best-est husband ever to his super creative wife and he just had some back injections so I sent him away frequently to have a seat and take a load off. But in his wandering, he returned with yummy food, wine and delicious sweets.


Overall the turn out was amazing. It was a great time with a lot of people in attendance. Im sure they will send out a survey asking for our opinions, and I do have a lot of things I would suggest that would have made it a better experience. Don't get me wrong, It was a great time, but come on now... if y'all would have told me that you did not offer chairs, I would have brought my own. I'm thinking, table=chairs.

But it was fantastic as I watered down my red wine induced buzz. (no... I did not drive home). Today, I continue to work my restocking, complete orders and pack some more stuff from the home office to move to the studio. As a matter of fact, I have to make a few pairs of chili cheese hot dogs.

See You soon!!



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