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April's Foolishness & Snow

I write this as I enjoy impromptu breakfast with the hubby. Also, with the realization that we coffee snoots. This is definitely not Peets (r) like... I sent it back with the warmest of smiles "it not you, I'm just used to hella strong coffee."

It snowed! And even as a almost lifelong resident of Cleveland, OH I'm never a fan.

Anywho... still spring cleaning out old-ish inventory.

I found so many hidden gems in my vending boxes. All the stuff in my tent is packed with love in pink and blue storage. I found bracelets!! Beaded bracelets adorned with adorable little charms, adjustable charm bracelets just so much stuff.

Guess what's about to happen? A bracelet bundle sale starting at $5 per set. Thats an incredible deal!

Also, also -I'm booking for festivals. My first festival is the Cleveland Rib Burnoff in Berea Memorial Day weekend. Its gonna be a thing, and Im bringing rib earrings.


I cannot wait, I love going out meeting tons of people making them smile at my boards of funny, delicious and unique.

I'm looking forward to this summer..

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