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Learning New Tricks.

While replying to a friends Facebook post, I realized that this quarantine, a.k.a. social distancing a.k.a. flattening the curve has shown that my ability to deal with stressors is not as effective as I thought it was.

It also made me appreciate the things I considered mundane.

I work outside the home - because I am not super rich as my initial plans indicated. Now, here is the appreciative part. I am able to work FULL TIME from home. I was half time before s**t hit the fan making this disruption airborne. The children are out of school - and mind you there are 5 of them at home. And they bicker like... they bicker like children.

Additionally, as a result of our Governor basically shutting down Ohio - There is nothing else to do. During the summer the children would go to the library or somewhere else that was not considered in my personal space. On the weekend my husband and I would catch a film or dinner or other stuff that just was meant for us to connect as a couple. (That stuff is totally important).

There has been this creative overdrive as a result of me being at home and having not one but TWO shows cancelled. There is so much in inventory that it makes no sense. None at all. What does that mean for yall? A big freakin' sale. So stay tuned and keep a close eye on Instagram.

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