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Today's Forecast Calls For Funky Neon & Brilliant Brights.

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you saw that I was able to find some neon-ish colors in my local art supply shop, Blick in Cleveland Heights, OH. I have been looking online for them and could not find them locally or within the US. Perhaps, no one really works with super bright colors or perhaps because Sculpey doesn't really call them "neon".

At any rate, I was able to find them. And yes, I did squeal with delight. After I ship all of my orders from the weekend, I get to play with new clay. I'm really excited too. I was unable to play with them this weekend because I had the Summit County Holiday Mart (which was freaking incredible) and I am still trying to make the studio feel like home number 2. So much so, that I have a little fish tank set up at the end of my checkout counter.

What do I plan on making with these beautiful bright hues? I have a few ideas. I do have some pastel/kawaii foods but how can I make something like that work with neon?

When I think of neon, a few things come to mind. Infamous: Second Light, the video game with a female lead, "Fetch" and her power was neon. The 80's *of course*. The red light district...yep - that one and sexy, sporty cars with undercarriage neon.

Can I make all these things into a thing? No. I don't want to. That's doing too damn much, rather - I will go with some bright slabs, maybe some crazy foods like Spongebob's "Nasty Patty". Now this...this is going to be super crazy, a line of genetically modified foods. Here's the thought process, mixing the neon brights with glow in the dark clay so they glow in lower light. Radioactive Hot Dogs, Burgers, Pizza and Fries. What an idea right? Be on the look out for the new products by next week, right in time for holiday shopping for friends and family or yourself. I am a fan of "treat yo-self".

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