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Small Business Saturday!

While I am still not 100% ready, it's like 90%, maybe 92% ready for a full opening. I do hope to have some visitors but I will be working. I have stuff to make and new things I want to get out.

Also - its a good day to be weird. I'm wearing my with my striped stockings with this floral dress that is bordering on ugly and cute. I got it from Old Navy and while it is ugly as sin, its really cute and overly floral. Today I'm dressing ugly. my boots will cover my legs - so its all good.

I have a new collection of kawaii items being added to the shop. 5 have been added already and more will be featured throughout the day. Okay, I have to get going now. Yelling at Autumn for her breaking a rule set me back in schedule by 20 minutes.

hope to see you soon.

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