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I ran a little baby promotion this weekend and was kinda 'whelmed by the response. Its a beautiful thing to see so many people take appreciation to the items you crafted with your own hands.

I featured my Double Pit Mini Avocado Stud earrings (because they are indeed a crowd favorite)

I have always been the kind of girl that stood back, being a wall flower and watched how people move. I was FAR from shy but I never stood out myself. Get to know me and you'll see what I mean by a extroverted wall flower.

So, I see whats 'trendy' and 'cool' in fashion and I have never ever ever been one of those people. That's not even how I market my business and my items. I'm like such a non-conformist, my husband said that's one of the things he loves about me. Forget doing what everyone else is doing - unless its breathing. I wanna do that.

Needless to say that when you rock a MyTK original, you are soooo not one of the cool kids. I mean, I think you're freaking amazing but the cool kids follow the popular stuff. I am not popular, I've never been trendy and all of that has culminated into something amazing. Like Chicken Pho as earrings or spoon and forks, also as earrings.

It's okay to be 'normal' but why be like almost everyone else with their hoops (which you certainly can wear in your 30's) or their solitaires. Be different, let it get weird and wear some avocados!

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