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Welcome to Panic Mode.

Its been a crazy busy month for me. I think I took on way more than I should have. I should know my life by now - I have all these great ideas and then I get overwhelmed because I honestly believe that I can handle everything by myself but I actually cannot.

I figured, 3 weeks was enough time to get the studio together while keeping my orders current. Sadly... The space is NOT together and I have not been able to make the stuff on my idea board because of incoming sales (which is a good thing!).

No, you haven't missed anything, I did not create a single piece of the GMO Foods Collection. You know - purplish brown avocados, neon yellow bananas and an attempt to recreate Spongebobs "Nasty Patty". I mean the ideas I have are huge and unfulfilled.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I'm going to be completely honest - again... the truth floweth from my lips like water down the falls. I. AM. NOT. FEELING. THIS. AT ALL! I don't wanna cook, I don't wanna go over peoples house - I just wanna do what the hell I want to do, in my space on my terms. Its weird - but my family (like the people I am blood related to) do not celebrate anything anymore, stupid and messy. Its been me and my children FOREVER and as of the last 8 years, my children and the guy I married 3 years ago!

Tonight, after dinner (we eat really late around here) I will be going back to the studio to finish cleaning. I took Ryan and Autumn and they were no help at all. Autumn took a nap and Ryan played Apex and watched videos on YouTube. No help....which of course incited the panic. Then I had to go to the grocery store. My sister in-law assigned me mashed potatoes and candied yams. At first I thought it was a slight... but after thinking about it - I think they all know that I have been consumed with My Turquoise Kitten.

My oldest daughter is going to come looking for food - so I will have to make something for the people that live here. Its just too damn much.

and its PMS week... so yeah, there is the root of the attitude problem.

Welcome to Panic Mode, we hope you'll enjoy your stay. Or at least learn something about yourself of gain some valuable coping skills.

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