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Tying Up Loose Ends #DamageControl

Its the new year and I have not made the typical resolve to lose weight, or travel more (which is basically impossible thanks to the pandemic) or some other third thing.

Rather, I have been thinking about where do I go from here. The big 'what's next' that I know is just around the corner. Funny that I figure it that way because it could be really scary or absolutely delightful.

So far as inventory, I am going to put a lot of the older slabs on the $10 sale board, so look out for that. They were a good idea that just did not take off for My Turquoise Kitten. Don't get me wrong, I had a really good time making them - as I do every single thing I churn out on the crafting table. But like all things retail - on sale, on sale, on sale they go.

Also, I was just informed there will be a Third Friday Artwalk at West 78th Street Studios on Friday, January 15th. Now, I will be honest; I don't think a lot of people will be there since they just celebrated Christmas but I will show up and show out!

Additionally, I have been spending so much time filing claims with the USPS that it has taken over a great deal of my creative time. I have about 30+ orders that have been impacted. Most folks have been great about it, but there have been a handful that have NOT been great about it and it kinda made my upset. This was supposed to be the holiday of not just giving, but the holiday of joy and good will among men (and women and children too) but so much vitriol... so much. I agree, I feel a lot of feelings almost all the time. Such a horrid sentence, but it is true. I will get over it eventually.

Today, be on the look out for $10 Clearance Slabs and maybe something else... ya never know.

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