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I HATE the wait!

It begins! I am very excited for this year show season. There have been so many cool and adorable things I have added to the inventory, I cannot wait to show them off. Meeting new people and seeing their smiling faces as they look at some of the most random things you will find on an earrings.

Not sure what I am talking about? Then you HAVE to follow My Turquoise Kitten on Instagram.

The process of filling up my calendar has begun and I want to stay busy – but there is finding a balance of being a wife and mother in addition to an employee. Wait… let’s not forget about self-care in 2019.

Speaking of filling up my calendar, I have taken a HUGE leap of faith and started applying to higher caliber art shows and they include a jury process. Great… one of those things I absolutely loathe, being critiqued after asking for it. I understand COMPLETELY the reason for the juried process, I get it. Because you know… not everything is for everybody. As a fellow human with a sometimes crazy sense of humor, I understand just how things being off will cause disaster!

What should I do in the meantime to avoid myself from going nuts? I didn’t really go to college like other kids back in the nine-nine and 2000 but I can only imagine THIS is what it feels like to wait for a college approval. I just want to share my love of inedible wearables with everybody!

Who am I waiting for? When? Where?

The Waterloo Arts Fest June 29-30 Waterloo Arts District

Taste of Summer May 24-26 East Bank of the Flats

Lyndhurst Art in the Village June 1-2 Lyndhurst, OH

Edgewater Street Fest June 30 somewhere near Edgewater

Lakewood Arts Fest August 3-4 Lakewood, OH

4th Annual Flats Festival of the Arts August 17-18 Downtown Cleveland

Stay tuned and follow me all over the internet for more!

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