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Halloween Fun on Halloween Day!

My kids are kinda outgrowing trick or treating. The youngest is 13 and the oldest (at home) is 17. They still want to but when you have 14 year old twins that stand a very healthy 6ft tall, its kinda hard to encourage it.

Its a night for fun, innocent tricks, overpriced costumes from Target (r) and candy. If you're lucky - the full sized candy bars. *SCORE*

My granddaughter isn't going out, she's only 3 and its gonna be cold, so I think she and her mom are just doing something at her daycare. Not sure - I should probably as my eldest kid, her dad - what the plan for 'Lani is. Anyway...not why I am writing this post.

Let's see how 40 year old me stacks up with working the day after partying all night? I'm taking this show on the road, south of Cleveland to Cuyahoga Falls. Last time I went to this venue, I met so many fun people, had a blast, ate the best grilled cheese sandwich I've had not made by myself in a long time and sold tons of earrings.

I have been busy restocking the crowd favorites and coming up with all kinds of super crazy new ones. Playing catch up seems to be the game I have been tasked to master. I am renting a studio space at Lake effect Studios, Downtown Cleveland. I'm really excited, this will allow me to separate home and work. As long as work is here at home - that's literally all I will do. And its a nice sized space too. Im planning on having a work space and a side dedicated to retail sales. I can have visitors come by and shop from the racks directly.

Also, also, also - my favorite human in the whole world, my husband - will be launching his tee shirt brand, The Lyrically Dope Tee Shirt Company. When he gets designs uploaded, I will create a link to his site on MyTK.

Come on out to 2085 Front Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH and look for the lady with the dark eye circles and tons of amazing earrings. I'd love to see you.

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